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COD connections

خرید درپوش داخلی

Inner tube cap

The inner tube cap is used to cover the head and end of the COD tube and as a carrying hook for installation.


Jigs are used to retain 2 pipes and positioning of 2-coil pipes and provide the correspondence required for DOD joint installation.


Cutters are used to remove the flexible layer off the duct pipe for connection to the joint and are composed of a cutting blade and circular flange.


Connectors are used as the pipe link to the manhole to connect COD pipes to the connector basin. Connectors are composed of external connections flanges and internal distributors

Rail installation base

Rail installation base in the area of ​​more than 250 meters, the pipe is wrapped on metal pulleys and rail installation bases are used to facilitate the opening of the pipe.

Linking joint

Linking joints are used for connecting COD pipe coils to each other and sealing in small & large basins.

Cable collection basket

For cable collection when the cable is transferred into the pipe in excess of 1000m, cable collection baskets have been designed and manufactured, regularly collecting the excess cable and transferring it with no damage in the retransfer phase.